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Given that only 3% of practicing physicians engage in medical research, and less than 9% of patients receive an invitation to participate in clinical trials, BEKHealth’s mission is to enhance human health and well-being by significantly increasing patient access to clinical research.

BEKHealth Corporation operates an AI-powered patient-matching software platform serving the clinical trial industry. The platform allows life sciences and healthcare organizations to speed up site selection and patient recruitment by extracting data from electronic medical records (EMRs), which includes structured and unstructured clinical data that captures three times more trial criteria. BEKHealth’s AI-driven data platform uses a proprietary ontology that has been built from 400+ medical libraries aligned against 70,000 protocols to standardize patient data to its interoperable clinical data model. Analyzing records for more than 43 million patients at over 1,600 partner clinical sites, BEKHealth leverages its extensive knowledge of patient populations to enhance enrollment optimization and detect more protocol-eligible candidates than traditional methods.

Meet The BEKHealth Team


Dave Levin


Josh Ransom, PhD

VP, Customer Experience

Josh Brown

Chief Technology Officer

Halley Losekamp

VP, Corporate Strategy
leah bouk

Leah Bouk

Director of Research Services
John hulhouser

John Hulshouser

Director of Research Services

Nicholas Vesom

Director of Research Services
Sam Bloch

Sam Bloch

Director of Engineering
Glen McClain B&W

Glen McClain

Manager of Business Development

Skyler Shore

Marketing Manager

Kiriakos Kontostathis

Technical Manager

Danielle Stokes

Manager of Customer Services
HIGH Quality (1)

Phillip Wheeler

Manager, Technology Implementation in Research Services

Kira Abuchowski, RN

Implementation Specialist

Brittane Strahan, RN, MSN, CCRP

Research Nurse Specialist
Manager of Customer Experience

Morgan Cameron, RN

Manager of Customer Experience

Liz Wilson

Manager of Business Development

Lacey Davis

Clinical Sales Support Specialist
christopher konstantakis

Christopher Konstantakis

Dev Ops Engineer

Mikita Artsemyeu

Software Engineer

Aidan Fennessy

Technical Manager, Data Processing

Victoria Ziegler

Associate Application Engineer
Nick Hunter

Nick Hunter

Dev Ops Engineer
Bryce Becker

Bryce Becker

Python Engineer
Max Sanchez

Max Sanchez

Software Engineer
Gozal Huseynova

Gozal Huseynova

QA Engineer

Tyler Foland

Data Scientist, Research Services