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Case Study

A research institution case study


A research institution seeks to improve operational efficiency, expand their trial portfolio and increase patient enrollment.


The problem

Our approach

The research team was spending an exorbitant amount of time manually evaluating EMR records and inaccurate trial lists. The patient lists were refreshed once a week and only covered -50% of the trial eligibility criteria. Because of the latency of the data refresh and lack of precision of the patient list many patients who could benefit from an innovative therapy were not offered it.
BEKHealth's patient trial matching solution (AutoRecruiter) was refreshed daily from the institutions EMR and covered over95% of the eligibility criteria offering unparalleled precision and breakthrough operational results. Because the solution identified eligible patients in advance of a visit, CRC's were able to proactively engage a broader set of providers and improve enrollment.


The precision, accuracy and real time advantage of the trial matching significantly improved operational performance. Within one month the research team experienced enrollment improvements in over 80% of trials. Within three months the team increased trial capacity and experienced an increase in provider participation in research.